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~ Features ~

one single system that does it all!

Advanced SEO

We expose powerful tools to assist with SEO + SEM. Running your campaigns has never been easier; we have catered, and integrated these tools into Sqimple.

Manage Store

Powerful tools to manage your online store. Statistics, Responsive checkout, Multi-site ability, Promotions, Variations, Attributes, Options, Product Types, Add-ons...

Cloud Based

No large installs. All cloud based software [SAAS module], easily and regularly updated. Accessed anywhere at any time – all you need is an internet connection -

Easy Editing

Beautiful front end [drag & drop] editing / powerful backend editing, helpful yet complex widgets, user friendly interface, ability to define content to specific groups…


The ability to have multiple sites that run off one database. Useful multi-site statistics, and sharing content a breeze. Online shops running off one product base!

Phone Support

If you have questions, you can call us to help! We have also have compiled a help website. From basic editors, to advanced admin staff, we have the answers.

Send Campaigns

Send beautiful email campaigns from Sqimple. You can create templates, create groups, and create campaigns through our easy wizard interface. Previewing this is a must!

Rich Widgets

Powerful features! User friendly! We shield all the complex coding, and present beautiful, tested code for making your website look and work fantastically.

Rich Statistics

Login to see rich statistics, find details of campaigns, of visitor hits, search terms, shop purchases, top purchases. You want the stats, we have the ones you want.

~ Designers / Agencies ~

we want to work with you!


Are you a creative agency with no want or desire to learn complex code? ASP.NET, PHP, Javascript, SQL, HMTL, CSS. We want to connect with you! We can run the technical side of coding and all that comes with it! We will have no client connection, you run the whole project; we just step in where needed! Find out all the services we can offer.

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~ Help Me ~

we've got the answers you need


Welcome to the Sqimple help site. This is a working progress site as our system grows. If you have any feature requests for sqimple please don't keep them to yourself! Share the love. Tell us and we may be able to build it in!

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