Sqimple Features

Sqimple's features are it's strengths, we had the advantage to be slightly later to the CMS game, that we can see the short comings of other CMS systems, and make sure Sqimple definitely has those features in it! Browse below to read up on some of the power that is Sqimple!


Brilliant UI

Statistics, search, notifications, favourites menu, we’ve made quick, easy and visually beautiful to move through the backend of the website to assist you in your edits.

SAAS Product

Continually updated code base – which means you get new features available often. We maintain the code base to provide you with the latest code available.

Sqimple Modules

Sqimple is built to grow as your business requirements do. Modules can be added at any time. Shop, Contacts, Campaign Manager, Media Library, Website, Users

Rich Statistics

Login to see rich statistics, find details of campaigns, of visitor hits, search terms, shop purchases, top purchases. You want the stats, we have the ones you want.


Frontend Editing

The ability to see what your editing, you can navigate your site and click on the elements you want to edit. Drag & drop to easy make the changes you need.

Reused Widgets

Simple click of a button to “Re-use” ANY widget, meaning no more coping & pasting, 1 record, changed once, changed everywhere! Making content easier.

Backend editing

Create pages, edit complex details, change page type, expiry dates on pages, change SEO details, and make page private, change URL but lots more.

Private Widgets

Make any widget locked down to specific groups of people. Wholesalers, members for example. This one is a lot of fun and a powerful feature.

Search Terms

Ability to tailor search terms to have “Did you mean…” maximise on typos, and specific product names. We also track who searches for what to help.


Order History

All orders are stored online, customers and sellers reference, ability to print off the orders, and re-order the same products again. Helpful for customers.


Run complex promotions on product types, categories, customer types, site specific, and coupon codes. Easy to setup and maintain all your promotions.


A quick way to get your products in place, is to use our importer. We can automate an excel document to import 1000s of your products in place in seconds.


You can define specific attributes to attach to your products. This can save coping and pasting per product to quickly identify specific parts on a product.


You can sell options on a product that are an add-on product that WOULD NOT be sold as a separate product [e.g. increased RAM on a computer]


You can have one product with multiple variations, to keep your shop organised. A variation is a product that would have its own SKU, and possibly price.


You can upsell other products, to help the customer in their purchase. These items can be purchased by themselves in the shop. [e.g. An Iphone case]

Product Types

Product types are a quick way to pre-set attributes, options, and add-ons to a product. Like a starter template to save time in setting up your store.

Customer Types

Customer types are a way to group customers and set minumim prices, GST inclusive. You can then further use this group to create promotions, and vary product prices

Responsive cart & checkout

We have developed the cart and checkout fully mobile + tablet responsive. Keeping up with the times and give customers a beautiful checkout experience

Cart Features

Powerful cart features that include my account, paying through PayPal and E-way. We can also implement SSL certificates to encrypt data.

Media Library


This are of your website can so easily get messy! We have made it easy to organise your media into folders, no limit to how many, or how deep.


We have a nice HTML5 multi-upload uploader. You can upload multiple files as once with easy drop and drag ability. We can also optimize your image if you need.


Drag and drop to organise files between folders – keep those folders updated and clear to navigate, multi-select or folder select with certain widgets.

Campaign Manager


This are of your website can so easily get messy! We have made it easy to organise your media into folders, no limit to how many, or how deep.


You can define your templates straight into Sqimple [HTML knowledge needed], nothing to upload, or FTP into place, define your editable areas and off you go.


To create campaigns, we have developed a nice and easy wizard step through to fill out your content. You can preview and send test as well.

White Label

You have the ability to send out your newsletters without any reference to Sqimple. No tags, or badges, just professional looking mail campaigns.