Why Sqimple?

Sqimple is a custom tailored Content Management System (or CMS) designed by us to help you manage and run your website with ease, it's as simple as click and edit! no tricky HTML or programming knowledge required! We have done the hard work so you don't have to.

So why Sqimple?

Sqimple is a hand coded CMS system, build with collective knowledge of other major CMS's, we saw some weaknesses and improvements that we could make for ourselves to make the users experience better + more power to the online editor. These powerful features are managed through the CMS and can be extended easily. Read more about Sqimple's powerful features. You can read about other advantages below.


The Specifics

  • We know every line of code.
    there is no blame game of plugins, purchased themes, we know the site!

  • We are improving it consistently for us and you.
    we find things that aren’t working well and make them better

  • We wrote it from the ground up
    We started with fresh code, all unique, custom written.

  • One system
    Emails, Website (s), Ecommerce – 1 login, 1 code base.

  • Highly customisable
    No matter your requirements, we can tailor it for you to work.

  • You get the best of years of experience.
    we have dedicated staff working on this all year round

  • You get complex HTML, CSS, Jquery, MySql translated to English.
    we handle the complex code, you get nice UI

  • You can get custom written code for a fraction of the price
    if you want something custom, we can quickly develop it, knowing the strengths of Sqimple

  • You get one login. Much easier to manage.
    One login to manage complex modules. Emails Campaigns, Shop + Website (s)

  • You get a fantastic look
    Everyone loves to work with beautiful, easy to work code. We make sure ours it beautiful and functional.